Invertir’s team managed to carry out a very successful public event where the population accepted the environmental impact study of the amplification of the Toquepala mining project, recognising the project by giving it a ”Social License”. This accomplishment was achieved due to the constant commitment in communication, creating engagement, and carrying out spaces for dialogue.

We made a proposal for an outplacement for the city of Cerro de Pasco, aiming to offer a more habitable space with better conditions for the citizens. This proposal permitted presenting a city to the authorities involved, that not only is friendlier with its environment but also offers improved services.

We elaborated the new business plan and the conceptual master plan, laying down the necessary actions and strategies to make Zofratacna feasible and to meet the company objectives. These measures allowed determining the technical standards and the investment viability, which served as a reference point to promote investment projects.

Invertir is currently implementing a corporate social responsibility program in the district of Curimaná (Ucayali). The program aims to work together with representatives from the comedores populares and vasos de leche to strengthen their knowledge in nutrition education and hygiene habits. We are also developing an institutional engagement plan aiming to solve the company’s most urgent matters.

Invertir was in charge of the elaboration of the technical file for the water and sanitation project in the Centro Poblado de Laynas, located in the district of La Matanza, in Piura. Another project of importance is the technical file elaborated by Invertir, for the improvement of the N° 40003 Public School, located in the district of Alto Selva Alegre, Arequipa.

Our area Engineering for Development was in charge of the private supervision of the sanitation Project for the Cuchupujio community, located in Orurillo, Puno. The system will supply water and sanitation infrastructure to nearly two hundred families and two public institutions. The Project includes the installation of rural latrines equipped with anaerobic digesters that handle the waste with a biological treatment. This technology was chosen due to its low impact on the environment.

Invertir's contribution includes creating a favourable social environment, by gaining support from the population to build a sanitary landfill that will improve the life quality for the citizens of Cerro de Pasco Province. This solutions aim to solve the contamination problem present in the province as well as the risk that it represents for its citizens. In this particular case, our team is working closely to the population living in the province to raise awareness and improve relations between stakeholders, as well as with the local authorities. Every step is coordinated with the company and in line with the communicational strategy designed.

We managed the external communication for the Coca-Cola Company, which we carried out in an efficient manner. We were in charge of communicating launches, activities, social responsibility programs among other to their stakeholders. We also handled crisis prevention and generated an approach to key figures, which allowed us to get to know different initiatives in the Company.

Invertir's team is in charge of the brands Toyota, Lexus and Hino. We deal with the external communication, which include communicating launches, conceptualizing campaigns and generating engagement in several sectors.

Invertir's team worked together with IBM on a strategic plan for external and internal communication. To do this, a consultant was set up in the Company to be in charge of the elaboration, implementation and evaluation of the different tactics that permitted to create engagement with its public.