We encourage entrepreneurship, environmental protection, equal opportunities, gender equality, a good corporative government, transparency and accountability in public institutions.

Our initiatives


The EmprendeAhora scholarship is an educational program at national level that identifies outstanding universities students from all over the country (besides Lima and Callao) and encourage them to become leaders, and to awake their entrepreneurial spirit, in benefit of the country and their regions of origin. The program has existed since 2008 and shows excellent results greatly due to the alliances that we enjoy with global and Peruvian corporations, international organizations and universities.


A convergence program between the mining sector and the agricultural sector
striving to demonstrate that mining and agriculture can not only coexist but also strengthen the development of one another. The modernity of the business development in the mining sector in rural areas is a great opportunity for mining companies in alliance with the State to promote agricultural business in its areas of influence.

Round Table Debates

The Invertir Institute creates spaces for dialogue to promote positive ideas for economic development and entrepreneurship in Peru. The round table debates gather young entrepreneurs and business owners from different regions in Peru and offer them a space of dialogue where they can share their perspective regarding the barriers that one face funding a company in Peru and a platform to elaborate proposals with direct solutions.

Conferences and Seminars

The Invertir Institute carries out conferences and seminars all over the country that strive to promote public-private collaboration and to reflect upon the economic challenges that our country faces, from civic rights to business development.

Macro Regional Meetings for Entrepreneurs

The graduates’ network from EmprendeAhora offers continuous learning spaces, reunions for the graduates, and contact networks at a national level. This connection and exchange is the basis of the enrichment of the Peruvian entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially in the rural regions.

The Annual National Chambers of Commerce Meeting

The Invertir Institute and the Center for International Private Enterprise have a mission to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the numerous regions in Perú as well as the existing opportunities for young Peruvians. Every year we organize the annual National Chambers of Commerce Meeting, which aims to strengthen the work and services that the chambers offer to the young entrepreneurs in their region.