Invertir participates in workshop about investment alternatives for water resources

Publicado el 12 de December del 2017

Our Vice President of Development, Francisco Dumler, participated in the workshop: Investment alternatives in water resources in Ica, organized by the Administrative Authority of Chaparra Chincha Water.

The National Water Authority (ANA), through the Chaparra Chincha Water Management Authority, recognized by means of a Directorate Resolution four thematic round tables within the Ica Province, in the Capacity Building Workshop “Investment Alternatives in Water Resources” “Developed with the presence of more than 45 public entities, members of GETRAM Ica, the same that was inaugurated by the Regional Governor of Ica, Fernando Cilloniz Benavides, who highlighted the importance of working in an articulated manner with all sectors. Water.

Thematic tables created and recognized are: Thematic Table Surface water pollution, reuse of wastewater, Water and Environmental Culture Thematic Table, Thematic Table Management of Disaster Risk Prevention and systematization of information, Thematic Table Measures for the supply and hydric efficiency of Pisco Lanchas and Villacurí, the same ones that are integrated by diverse institutions that from now on will jointly work short, medium and long term plans, operating the Integrated Management of Water Resources, within the framework of the National Policy and Strategy of Water Resources.

The event was held as part of the Capacity Building Workshop “Alternatives for Investment in Water Resources” that featured the brilliant presentation of Mr. Francisco Dumler, former Minister of Housing Construction and Sanitation and current Vice President of Development of Investing and the Econ . Pedro Arizmendi, who trained the more than 45 people, promoting and promoting sustainable alternatives and improvement in the Management of Water Resources.

Engineer Jorge Ganoza, Director of the AAA Chaparra Chincha, highlighted the importance of multisectorial participation and added that GETRAM Ica and its thematic tables will aim to promote and promote planned interventions to deal with problems related to water assertively. that we are in a good moment with regard to the recent Creation of the Water Resources Council of the Tambo Santiago Ica Basin, spaces that will allow a constant dialogue and permanent action of all the actors involved with the Management of Water Resources in the field of basin.


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